El Aribabi Conservation Ranch is about 35 miles due south of the U.S./Mexico border. To cross the border take Hwy. I-19 from Tucson south toward Nogales. Exit the freeway on W Mariposa Rd. and proceed to the international gate. See the Guide to Hassle-Free Border Crossing under the Visit section of this web site.

Once you have negotiated the intricacies of international border crossing, you are free to enjoy the magnificent scenery along MX Hwy 15 to the town of Imures. You will pass through a few small villages where you may stop to purchase honey, limes, melons or other local fare.

At Imures, turn left at the MX Hwy 2 sign, left again in a few hundred feet (you cannot go straight) and travel north on MX Hwy.2 through the beautiful Sierra Azul mountains. If there have been recent rains, watch for rocks on the mountain roads. As you descend into the Cocospera valley, (about 20 miles) you will see the Rancho El Aribabi sign. Take a right at the gate where you will be met by a vaquero and led to the Casa Grande.